Efficient Knowledge Transfer with Digital Training Solutions

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The result of change is success—but only if everyone, not just your employees but also your customers and partners, is onboard and excited about it. Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions for overcoming the challenges of change—with relevant, targeted content, proven, effective learning methods, and even multilingual material by request. Our e-training solutions motivate your participants to see changes as opportunities and to accept them, not just now, but for the long term.



as a state-of-the-art software solution for efficient knowledge transfer

  • Cloud solution
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Mobile use
  • Stand-alone or in conjunction with existing LMS
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Implementation of Learning Content,

from an idea through conception to the technical conversion.

  • High user acceptance due to high quality
  • Adjustment according to customer requirements
  • Can be integrated into Knowledge.Hub or other LMSs
  • Full Responsive for all browsers (also mobile)
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Product Launches

Get Sales Staff and Customers
Excited about New Products

Ever-shorter product lifecycles make bringing a new product to market a real challenge. And the key to a successful product launch is reaching all the relevant target audiences quickly and comprehensively with the latest information. To do so, you must ensure that your internal and external sales teams always possess the same knowledge about product advantages and market launch strategies—and that they’re completely on board with them. It’s the only way that they can excite your customers and achieve high sales figures.

Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions that are specifically customized to your sales system and that ensure cost-effective product launches in decentralized sales environments.

Process Optimization

Motivate Project Teams
to Achieve Process Improvements

Organizations find themselves in a state of constant change. Business processes must be continually optimized in order to simplify procedures, reduce time-to-market, and lower expenses. In order to succeed, you need to properly integrate your business units and IT teams from the very beginning. Motivate everyone involved to work for the shared project goal. Create clarity in the assignment of roles. And support team members with the appropriate training measures in order to avoid escalations. That’s how you’ll ensure that your team is ready for the necessary changes.

Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions that are specially tailored for process optimization, ensuring that your project team is focused and friction-free.

Software Rollouts

More Users for New Business Software

The introduction of new business software often precedes newly defined business processes. That’s one reason why it’s so much more than a pure IT project. In addition to the software selection, implementation, and project management phases, the actual introduction of the software to its new users is of paramount importance. Whether they’re employees, business partners or even customers, you need to sustainably integrate future users in the whole process. It’s the way to ensure that everyone who is affected accepts the new software and uses it—and that the transition to the new system is a success.

Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions that not only support your users during kick-off events but also answer participants’ questions right where they arise: at the workplace.

Employee Integration

Integrate New Employees From Day One

Motivated employees strengthen your company and its competitiveness. The first days and weeks in a new company are thus especially important. Get your new hires excited about the new corporate culture. And unlock their full development potential by systematically supporting the integration process over the long term. With the right onboarding measures, you can reduce the time it takes to integrate new employees, save resources, and free up budget.

Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions that encourage your new employees to strongly identify with your company and sustainably reduce the risk that they’ll leave prematurely.

Change Management

Success by adaptation to changing parameters

To be able to operate successfully in the long term, companies must keep up with the times. This includes recognizing sustainable trends and reacting appropriately to them. However, adaptation to changing parameters is only successful if all employees of the company are prepared for the journey and taken with them. This reduces reservations and leads to opportunities and possibilities.

Together with you, Core Learning Production develops digital training solutions that integrate managers and employees into the change process. Based on this, they see less danger and more opportunities in the change process.